Abstract of Title (Federal)

An Abstract of Title provides a full and complete record of all pertinent instruments filed of record in the offices of the Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe, NM, from the inception of the record to the date of the abstract. An abstract includes copies of the following:

  • Oil and Gas Lease
  • Record Title Assignments
  • Plat Book and Historical Index Records
  • Operating Agreements
  • Assignments of Operating Rights
  • Assignments of Overriding Royalties
  • Bonds
  • Mergers
  • Name Changes

The information contained in an abstract is prepared so that attorneys can prepare a Title Opinion, which then allows the drilling of wells or other work to be done.

Royalties report of all oil and gas leases from the records of the state land offices can be provided. They include the current lessee of record as well as operating rights and overriding royalties for all depths and formations.

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