Additional Services


  • Level 1 Runsheet: Examination of Fed/State and/or County files to compile a runsheet containing a complete listing of documents pertaining to a given tract of land. Fed/State and County documents are consolidated into a single runsheet for ease of examination. No comments, interpretation or detailed examination of the docs is conducted. County level documents provided upon request only. Includes run of County level title plant records. Primary utilized by those wishing to conduct their own title interpretation.


  • Level 2 Runsheet: Full and complete examination of Fed/State and/or County files to compile a turnkey certified runsheet used in preparation of a title opinion by an attorney. Runsheet contains document detail, comments, maps, production reports, tax certificates, and bookmarked document images. Fed/State and County documents are consolidated into a single runsheet for ease of examination by the attorney. Includes run of County level title plant records. County level research required on any Fed/State lands.


Title Research


  • High Level Takeoff: Quickly identify mineral ownership and if they appear open or leased and if leased to whom.  Basic breakdown of ownership but not a concrete understanding of all of the parties involved and what depths they own in.  For Fed/State this may be limited to a review of the SRP and/or quick County review for Fee this will be a quick county level review.


  • Cursory Mineral and Leasehold:  Basic run of tracts of interest and depts to identify mineral and leasehold ownership.  Limited to primary chain of title only with notice of burdens but no detail on NPRI/ORRI. Will include review of BLM/State lease file and/or County level review.


  • Full Detail Mineral and/or Leasehold Title:  Full evaluation of mineral and leasehold chain of title and burdens from Sovereignty for Fee or lease inception for State and Fed lands.  Detail all mineral and leasehold ownership in all tracts requested and all Horizons created.  Used for Acquisition and Divestiture, lease, and mineral buying. This will involve a full review of the FED/State lease file and/or County level records.


Additional Title and Support

  • Curative: Reviewing title opinions to identify stated title defect requirement. Procuring appropriate corrective documents to satisfy requirements, placing documents of record in appropriate County/State/BLM offices.  Provide reports on ongoing basis as needed.
  • GIS Mapping: Creating polygons and attribute tables as directed, to create maps and shapefiles.
  • Misc.: Lien and Encumbrance reviews, document recordation, surface title, surface lease research, administrative, lease analysis, file organization and databasing.

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