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Abstract of Title (Federal)

An Abstract of Title provides a full and complete record of all pertinent instruments filed of record in the offices of the Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe, NM, from the inception of the record to the date of the abstract.

Exhibit B Reports

An Exhibit B shows the current lessees of record on a given piece of land and the chain of ownership of those leases. It includes all operating rights and overriding royalties at all depths and formations.

Supplemental Abstracting

Prepared in the same manner as abstracts of title, but are limited in scope from a certain date to the present, rather than the full history of the lease going back to inception. They are usually done to update an older abstract of title.


Abstract of Title (State)

State abstracts contain a full history of leaseholders on the specified lands and a record of assignments of ownership.

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American Abstract is considered the gold standard in providing Federal and State Abstracts and Leasehold Title. The company has hand-picked the best O&G landmen in New Mexico to provide the highest quality of service to our clients throughout the States of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as the Mid-Continent region of the United States. Our constituent members have decades of experience and hard-won reputations for dependability, honesty, and superb work.

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