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Daniel E. Gonzales

Mr. Gonzales has more than 40 years of experience in the petroleum industry sector of owning and operating a federal abstract company in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Mr. Gonzales is very well known in this sector of the industry in that his past company was one of the most widely used in the industry. Mr. Gonzales is well known for his expertise and professionalism in all aspects of dealing with federal and state lands as it pertains to the creation of federal drilling units and the creation of the associated reports and the integration of state and Indian lands.  He fully understands the complete operational aspect of running a federal abstract company and has trained some of American Abstract’s employees and managers.  Mr. Gonzales is a stock holder of American Abstract and will be the general manager of the company and its offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mr. Gonzales’ experience is respected with the New Mexico Oil & Gas Division and the American Association of Professional Landmen. He has had years of experience in playing an active role in representing companies in bidding in federal and state lease auctions.  Mr. Gonzales is a graduate from the College of Santa Fe with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. In addition, he was a member of the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association.  His professional knowledge and experience will go a long way in presenting and maintain his integrity in the industry for many years to come by be associated with American Abstract.

David Melton

Mr. Melton has more than 38 years of experience in the petroleum land industry as an independent landman to an executive in-house landman with a mid-continent E&P company.  In addition, Mr. Melton has held the offices of Senior Landman and Chief of Operations for multiple large land brokerage firms and has been the purveyor of several regional offices ranging from Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and California, as well as performing due diligence in several acquisitions of producing properties in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, California and Michigan.

In addition, Mr. Melton has over 33 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and production including operations, land management and administration in all phases. During his career, Mr. Melton has focused his efforts on drilling and producing PUD and PDP opportunities located all across the lower 48 contagious states with specific interest ranging from Florida, through the Mid-Continent and into California. Mr. Melton has spent the majority of this time as an operator and land manager with exposure to both in-house drilling programs as well as numerous joint venture drilling programs with some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. Further, Mr. Melton has considerable experience with all phases of oil and gas management.

Lourcey Sams

P. Lourcey Sams is a co-founder of Pennant Development and Production, LLC (“PDP”). He has served as the President of the PDP since inception in 1998 and currently serves as CEO, Chairman and President.

In addition to his position with PDP, since 1988, he has also served as President of Banner Energy, Inc., which is an administration entity for numerous limited partnerships and joint ventures engaged in exploration and production. Sams is also involved in a number of ventures involving municipal water, real estate, oil and gas and finance.

Sams is Past Chairmen of the City of Midland Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Current member of the City of Midland Managed Competition Committee and is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the West Texas Geological Society, the Financing Exploration and Production Association, and the American Association of Professional Landmen. He formerly served as a member of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, the Midland Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, and as a board member of the West Texas Multiple Sclerosis Society, the West Texas Hunting Retriever Club and Midland United Girls Softball Association.

Sams graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1977, and currently resides in Midland, Texas. After graduation he was employed by Amoco Production Company from 1977 to 1982.

Erin Lara

Ms. Lara has had a long history working in the oil and gas industry starting at an oil and gas operating company in Roswell, NM. Ms. Lara was trained by Mr. Gonzales in preparing Exhibit “B” reports and creating federal abstracts and worked with his former federal abstract company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ms. Lara has accumulated over six years of experience working daily with the federal records at the Bureau of Land Management as an Abstracter and preparing associated reports. Ms. Lara will be working directly with Mr. Gonzales and be over the management of the office and the generation of reports. As part of the management and research team for American Abstract, Ms. Lara will play a vital role in the quality control of creating excellent reports and dealing with client relations.

Teynan Thompson

Ms. Thompson has over 10 years’ extensive experience in administrative and managerial duties for a federal abstract company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been hand-picked by Mr. Gonzales to manage the office and clerical issues of American Abstract. In addition to managing and maintaining an efficient office and work production from the company, Ms. Thompson will be vital in developing and maintaining professional relationships with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the services provided by American Abstract.

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